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Calligraphy on phone cases with Swarovski crystals
60 $

We explain and show how to encrust a phone case.
You can make a gift to your loved ones, or master a well-paid hobby.
What this course will provide to you:
You will learn to encrust cases with perfect calligraphy.
You don't need to have art skills or ability to draw for that
You just need to be careful and follow the algorithm.
You will learn how to make rhinestones not fall off.
You can give a warranty of 1 year on any case with rhinestones.
You will learn that this is not only a beautiful hobby, but also the possibility of additional income.
You will be able to earn up to 1.500₽ with one case, which takes 30-40 minutes to make.
You'll return your money for the course from your first order!

What is waiting for you on course
We will give you recommendations on glue and crystals. No special tools required! Even if you do not live in Russia, you can easily find the required materials.
The technique of encrusting cases for phones.
How to how to make rhinestones not fall off.
Video with a detailed process from start to finish
PDF files with Russian and Latin letters in 8 popular calligraphic fonts. You just have to print the necessary letter and give it to the customer for approval.
Technology of creating sketches for yourself and for the client without using graphic programs.
No need to be able to draw or have art skills! Even a beginner can repeat it. Secrets of the perfect calligraphic encrusting of rhinestones.
This technique can be applied not only for cases but also to personalize any other items.
The course is available from anywhere in the world. You choose the time and place of study. All you need is a phone or computer with internet.
Why should you choose CRYSTALLAND school
We are the only one in Russia with the status of Swarovski Authorized Application Center
It means that we meet the high standards of Swarovski. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of branded Swarovski components.
And you can be sure that you are getting knowledge and skills of an international level.
In addition, the CRYSTALLAND store is an authorized seller of original Swarovski crystals.
This means that in your orders you receive 100% of Swarovski components directly from Austria.

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