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Are you a mom on maternity leave?
Maternity leave is a great time to reveal your creative abilities.
Do you want to learn how
to make nice gifts yourself?

Try to make a pacifier with SWAROVSKI crystals.
You can make it!

10 $

Quickly sign up for our workshop and get step-by-step instructions for decorating a regular pacifier.

You can make a gift to your loved ones, or get and master a well-paid hobby.
Why the pacifier?
It's an exclusive and inexpensive gift.
Create your own souvenir for a babyshower. Surprise your friends and family!
A simple accessory to try your skills in encrusting
The design of the pacifier was created considering zero skills. A beginner can repeat that. A small amount of Swarovski rhinestones allows you to do a luxurious thing at minimal cost
A great accessory for a photo session
You don't need to keep the pacifier on a shelf. It can be a bright accent on the photos of your baby.
The opportunity of extra income
The low cost of encrusting allows you to create a pacifier on order.
If you improve your skills in this area, you can personalize designs at the customer's request, that is, create a pacifier with initials, various signs and symbols, and so on.
What awaits you at the workshop?
High quality video with a complete encrusting process.
Recommendations how to use tools and accessories.
Recommendations how to use Swarovski crystals.
Isn't it dangerous for a child?
We recommend using a pacifier as a souvenir. It can be a gift, or an accessory for a photo shoot. In any case, it is necessary that the pacifier is used only under the supervision of adults.
How firmly do rhinestones hold?
We use the most solid glue. Even an adult is not able to tear rhinestones off when they are applied correctly.
Can it be sterilized?
You can pour some boiling water on a pacifier, or use a steam sterilizer. Rhinestones and glue withstand heat.
But boiling isn't recommended.
Why Swarovski? After all, there are cheap rhinestones from Aliexpress (Ebay).
1. Only using Swarovski crystals can guarantee you the most reliable fixation. Rhinestones of economy class usually come off the surface and fall off easily.
2. Swarovski rhinestones as semi-finished products are much cheaper than in finished items. That is, the cost of the pacifier is actually low. And this is what allows you to make money on that.
3. Only Swarovski crystals have a perfect cut, give a pure shine and do not get dim in time. Your product with premium rhinestones becomes the same premium. The product looks cheap with cheap rhinestones.

What will you learn?
We learn from scratch!
In addition to the video tutorial, we give a list of recommended tools and materials, as well as recommendations for buying original Swarovski crystals.
Learn the basic principles and stages of encrusting.
Learn how to fix firmly Swarovski crystals to your pacifier.
Learn about the necessary materials and tools.
You can easily repeat the design of the pacifier from the workshop, and also based on the gained knowledge you can create your own designs.
Why should you choose CRYSTALLAND school
We are the only one in Russia with the status of Swarovski Authorized Application Center
It means that we meet the high standards of Swarovski. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of branded Swarovski components.
And you can be sure that you are getting knowledge and skills of an international level.
In addition, the CRYSTALLAND store is an authorized seller of original Swarovski crystals.
This means that in your orders you receive 100% of Swarovski components directly from Austria.

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