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Learn about Swarovski with a free mini intensive course!
Author's email newsletter from Dmitry Yurchenko, in which you will find out
all about Swarovski crystals, learn how to distinguish them from fakes ones,
You will learn about the types of glue and about the basic principles of encrusting.
Why should you choose CRYSTALLAND school
We are the only one in Russia with the status of Swarovski Authorized Application Center
It means that we meet the high standards of Swarovski. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of branded Swarovski components.
And you can be sure that you are getting knowledge and skills of an international level.
About school
Dmitry Yurchenko
Founder and manager of CRYSTALLAND
Head of large encrusting team projects (cars, corporate customers: Euroset, SkyLink, Haier).
I have an experience in managing a studio and working on projects with a staff of 6 crystallizers.

Founder of CRYSTALLAND shop - authorized seller of Swarovski crystals.
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